Scientists discover antiretroviral therapy can stop transmission of HIV virus

AIDS life cycle drawing
HIV virus enters the T-lymphocyte where the virus loses its outer envelop, releasing its RNA and its reverse transcriptase. The reverse transcriptase builds a complimentary DNA strand from the viral RNA template. (Credits - Wikimedia Commons)

Scientists finally may have been successful in finding a treatment which can help in preventing the transmission of the HIV virus sexually. A study found a way to end the AIDS epidemic by suppressing men with antiretroviral drugs who are infected by HIV and this suppression helps their partners stay safe from the infection. If the medicines would be successful then whoever is suffering from AIDS would be fully free from this disease and there would be no infections in the future.
There was a test held in Europe where near about 1000 male couples participated and among those 1000 couples where one partner of those couples was affected by HIV and was undergoing some treatment to suppress the HIV virus. After the test was completed it was seen that no partner having HIV negative have been infected by HIV through their partners even after having sex without a condom.
Though 15 men were found to be affected by the HIV virus during the study conducted through 8 years, after conducting the DNA test it was seen that those men had sex with someone other than their partners who were not undergoing the treatment. Alison Rodger, professor from University College London and the co-leader of the paper which is published in Lancet medical journal said that this treatment has completely solved this issue and it’s brilliant and a fantastic thing and this treatment has also proved that this can also solve the problem of straight couples where one of the partners have AIDS. The professor also added that this treatment is 100% proven for the gay men who were affected by HIV and treated with the suppressive ART had no chance of transmitting it to their partners and this message can help people having AIDS from being discriminated.

This message has to spread more and more so that people having positive in HIV have access to this treatment and help them to maintain the undetectable viral load. Myron S Cohen of the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases at Chapel Hill in North Carolina said that men who have sex with other men should be benefitted more since they usually face difficulty in getting the treatment and he also added that it’s not always easy for people to test HIV and find access to the care centres.
Since the start of this study about more than 77million people have been infected by HIV and half of them have died. So here we can conclude that due to this study many people have been cured and are living happy lives.


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