Scientists come up with practical method for measurement of quantum entanglement

Researchers develop practical method for measuring quantum entanglement
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A team of scientists from Rochester Institute of Technology have created a new method for measuring the quantum entanglement (physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity) that has significant consequences for building the future generation of technology in fields such as computer science, impersonation, safe communication and other areas. The new method for measuring entanglement(complexity) has been summarised by the scientists in a recently published article by Nature Communications journal.
An extraordinary interrelationship was observed in the measurements when two quantum particles like photons, electrons or atom become entangled even if the particles were apart from each other by a large distance. This special quality which can only be described by Quantum Mechanics is the backbone of the various technologies.
Gregory Howland, Assistant Professor and a member of Future Photon Initiative of Rochester Institute of Technology said that Quantum entanglement is a useful resource for performing important activities like quantum computing or secure communication. Also, he said that two people who possess entangled quantum particles can produce an unbreakable key to send messages back and forth to one another in such a way that in case if any third person or party intercepts the message, it will not be possible for them to decipher or decode the message according to laws of physics.
End-user needs to estimate the amount of quantum entanglement present within a given system as quantum technologies have become more sophisticated and complex with every passing day. The new method involving spatially entangled photon pairs needs million-times lesser measurements than the previous methods.

The measurement method has the additional advantage of never over-estimating the amount of entanglement which is present in a system as this method is based on the information theory which studies some of the key factors related to information such as quantification, storage and communication. It has been very crucial for milestone achievements such as compact disc invention, creation of the Internet, Voyager missions.
Howland said that this turns out to be vital because it is not that we are told that we have more of the resource then we actually have and this factor is mainly important for stuff like secure communication to avoid any unwanted interception of a message.
Journal Reference: Nature Communications journal


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