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This self-filling bottle makes clean water out of thin air

An Austrian start-up has revealed plans to start selling a self-filling water bottle that extracts humidity from the air and condenses it into drinkable water at a rate of up to 0.5 litres per hour - provided it’s a really humid day.

fontus water bottle

Image: Fontus

Developed by the team at Fontus, the solar-powered device uses hydrophobic surfaces to repel and funnel the drops of condensation in the bottle, which means so as long as the air around you isn’t too polluted, you'll have access have a constant supply of clean drinking water.

The device is made up of a solar panel, a condensing chamber lined with hydrophobic surfaces, and a very basic filter to keep dust, dirt, and bugs out of the mix. It works by taking in warm, humid air, which is condensed down into water droplets that are funnelled into the water bottle below because the hydrophobic surfaces prevent them from sticking.

This device is particularly handy if hiking in remote areas, running long distances with scarce accessibility to clean drinking water and also has potential to be used on a larger basis for communities without access to clean water.

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