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The UK just switched on an ambitious fusion reactor - and it works

The UK's newest fusion reactor, ST40, was switched on last week, and has already managed to achieve 'first plasma' - successfully generating a scorching blob of electrically-charged gas (or plasma) within its core.

Computer Vision, Deep Learning Aid Prosthetic Hands

A built-in camera and artificial intelligence can improve the speed and grasping ability of a prosthetic hand, as shown in tests with people missing a hand. Test results and a description of the technology developed by engineers at Newcastle University in the U.K. appear in yesterday's issue of the Journal of Neural Engineering.

Google's new AI has learned to become "highly aggressive" in stressful situations

Late last year, famed physicist Stephen Hawking issued a warning that the continued advancement of artificial intelligence will either be "the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity".

60 Facebook Engineers Are Working On How To Read Your Mind And Type Using Brain

At its developer conference F8, Facebook unveiled the details of its super-secret brain-computer interface. Being developed by Facebook's mysterious Building 8 (B8).

New AI Can Write and Rewrite Its Own Code to Increase Its Intelligence

A company has developed a type of technology that allows a machine to effectively learn from fewer examples and refine its knowledge as further examples are provided. This technology could be applied to everything from teaching a smartphone to recognize a user's preferences to helping autonomous driving systems quickly identify obstacles.

Genius AI Steals $290,000 In A Chinese Poker Competition, Defeats World Series Winner

Lengpudashi, an AI system developed by a research duo at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg managed to defeat a 6-membered 'Team Dragon' poker team included Yue Du, who won the World Series of Poker in January this year. The prize money of $290,000 was awarded the winner.

Calculations suggest we could one day Build a Rocket That travels 99.999% the Speed of Light

Theoretical physics often lifts the sanctions we set on our own imaginations.

Whether it's exploring the possibility of warp drives or understanding the rate of the Universe's expansion, we are quick to explore the unknown on our chalkboards until our tech is ready for our ideas.

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