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Honda unveiled its new Hydrogen-Powered Car

Honda Motor Co. announced a new version of its hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) that can travel up to 400 miles and refuel in just three minutes.

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Credit: Honda/ Forbes

The new Honda Clarity Fuel Cell's drive train technology is about one-tenth the cost of Honda's previous FCV the FCX Clarity. The fuel-cell technology is also smaller than in the previous vehicle.

It’s been priced at 7.66 million yen, or US$62,807, which puts it just in the affordability range for the average consumer, the Japanese automaker saying it expects to sell far more than the 72 units it sold of its previous-generation model, the FCX Clarity.

The good news is, Honda is working on a solution that would let you produce hydrogen at home. Honda calls this product the “Smart Hydrogen Station,” which would be a small device that uses high-pressure electrolysis to create hydrogen for use in your car.

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Honda hasn’t said when its Smart Hydrogen Station solution will be ready for customers, but the company is already moving full steam ahead on this hydrogen concept — especially now that the company’s able to shrink down the fuel cell system to fit under the car’s hood.

Hydrogen-powered cars work by having the fuel cell stack convert hydrogen into electricity, which powers an electric motor via a lithium-ion battery pack. "Essentially, think of it as an electric vehicle that can be refilled in 3 minutes and emits only water vapour out of its tailpipes," Nick Jaynes writes for Mashable.

Video: Honda Unveils a Greener Hydrogen-Powered Car

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