New Physics

scientists have discovered that 'neutrons' the subatomic particle has more mass than we have ever thought !....

This is absoulutely strange thing we ever get to know bcoz till now we thought that the amu of protons and neutrons is the same, but after along reaserch scientist are getting to know some symptoms about that the neutron which is the neutral particle of an atom has a mass which is greater than 1 or which can be never thought  about, when it will be prooved as truth it will disturb whole chemistry field of science.

Study Reveals New Insights Into a Strange Force That Can Both Pull and Push Objects

Brazilian physicists have made a significant observation that expands our understanding of an unusual phenomenon called blackbody force. This new research could help us refine our models of how planets and stars are formed.

Gravitational waves are permanently warping the fabric of space-time

Researchers have proposed a method for detecting exotic events in physics by looking for the scars they leave behind on the fabric of space.

By identifying how objects like cosmic strings or evaporating black holes leave behind memories of their existence on the Universe, it might be possible to move some rather strange phenomena from theoretical to empirical science.

Physicists Have Discovered a Gigantic Magnetic Bridge Spanning Galaxies

Australian and Canadian researchers have finally observed the magnetic field generated by the Magellanic Bridge. This vast stream of neutral gas connecting two galaxies can help explain just how they were formed and evolved.

Harvard Researchers Are Preparing to Geoengineer the Atmosphere

In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists will disperse aerosols into the stratosphere in initial tests of a controversial technique for blocking incoming solar radiation.

New Study Claims 68% Of The Known Universe Does Not Exist

The accelerating expansion of the universe relied on a model that explains dark energy as partly responsible in fueling the expansion. A new model by a Hungarian-American team showed consistent expansion even without dark energy.

Bill Gates Funds Seawater Cloud Seeding, "the Most Benign Form of Geoengineering"

Bill Gates is getting serious about geoengineering. Back in January, after the failure of governments at the Copenhagen Climate Change summit to do anything serious, the billionaire former head of Microsoft announced he’s give nearly $5 million of his fortune to fund research into geoengineering projects. Recently he announced his first concrete foray into the …

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