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Google’s First Machine Learning Chip (TPU) Is 30x Faster Than CPUs And GPUs

At last year's I/O, Google introduced their custom chip called Tensor Processing Unit which brought in existence to address the rising computing needs of the data centers. A paper by Google researchers compares TPU's performance with server class Intel Haswell CPU and Nvidia GPU. It'll be presented at the ISCA, Toronto in June.

These 3D images are our first ever look at how DNA shapes itself inside cells

For the first time, scientists have been able to model the physical structure of mammalian genomes from individual cells, giving us a unique 3D perspective on how DNA packages itself inside our cells.

Through the new technique, scientists can see how the arrangement of cell chromosomes (DNA strands) are designed to keep some cells active or inactive at any one time.

Two Thirds of the Great Barrier Reef Is Now Officially Bleached

For the second time in 12 months, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has experienced a severe coral bleaching event. A recent investigation shows that two-thirds of the reef is now a sickly white hue, and it’s not immediately clear if the iconic ecosystem will ever bounce back to its former glory.

Discovery! Atmosphere Spotted on Nearly Earth-Size Exoplanet in First

For the first time, scientists have detected an atmosphere around a planet beyond our solar system that's just a little bit larger than Earth.

The exoplanet GJ 1132b, which orbits the dwarf star GJ 1132, is located about 39 light-years away from Earth. It has a radius about 1.4 times that of Earth and is 1.6 times Earth's mass, according to the new study.

Google DeepMind open sources Sonnet so you can build neural networks in TensorFlow even quicker

Google's DeepMind announced today that it was open sourcing Sonnet, its object-oriented neural network library. Sonnet doesn't replace TensorFlow, it's simply..

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