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Scientists have created an artificial organ that can pump out cancer-fighting T-cells

Scientists have developed an artificial thymus, an organ crucial to the human immune system, that could produce special cancer-fighting T-cells in the body on demand.

T-cells are white blood cells that naturally combat disease as part of our immune system, but these artificially engineered versions would be targeted at specific forms of cancer, potentially giving our natural defences a boost in attacking the disease.

This Is What Makes Quantum Computers Powerful Problem Solvers

In a previous article, I introduced the recent open-sourcing of quantum computing software by DWave. DWave is the maker of a quantum computer being used and studied by a number of groups, including NASA and Google, and there are other quantum computers in the works too. Although the field is still young, recent progress has …

Squid and octopus can edit and direct their own brain genes

Octopuses and squid have confirmed their reputation as Earth-bound “aliens” with the discovery that they can edit their own genetic instructions.

Unlike other animals, cephalopods – the family that includes octopuses, squid and cuttlefish – do not obey the commands of their DNA to the letter.

The Future of Parkinson's Disease

I have spent much of the last eight months touring neurological facilities across North America and meeting with a number of leading researchers and physicians. There are quite a few new treatments in the pipeline or in early stages of research that have the potential to revolutionize how we deal with Parkinson’s disease.

This ancient tick is engorged on the oldest mammal blood ever discovered

Imagine, if you will, an ancient, engorged tick feasting on the blood of a monkey in a steamy tropical jungle as far back as 45 million years ago.

Suddenly, the monkey's companion discovers the tick while grooming its partner, and roughly flings it aside, where the injured, bleeding parasite sinks into a dense, sticky tree sap. Over time, the sap slowly fossilises into amber, preserving the punctured pest in a frozen time capsule, surrounded by the oozing blood droplets of its last meal.

A brand new type of insulin-producing cell has been discovered hiding in the pancreas

Researchers have found a brand new type of insulin-producing cell hiding in plain sight within the pancreas, and they offer new hope for better understanding - and one day even treating - type 1 diabetes.

This German retiree solved one of world's most complex maths problems - and no one noticed

It's a problem that the world's most experienced mathematicians have spent decades trying to solve, and the solution had eluded them at every turn - the infamous Gaussian correlation inequality (GCI).

Then, out of nowhere, a retired German statistician figured out the proof while hunched over the sink, cleaning his teeth. But rather than being celebrated by the wider mathematical community, the proof went largely ignored. Because how could such an unlikely figure have outsmarted them all?

Chemists find that hookah tobacco heated electronically kills 70 percent more lung cells than traditional charcoal

Hookah-tobacco users might want to rethink how they heat up their water pipes, based on research by chemists at the University of Cincinnati.

This paper could be the key to solving a 160-year-old, million-dollar maths problem

When it comes to the fabled Riemann zeta function, the world's best mathematicians have suffered 160 years of dead-end after dead-end. 

But now a trio of mathematicians have discovered a new approach to solving what's been called "the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics", and it just got someone closer to a US$1 million cash prize.

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