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New organisms have been formed using the first ever 6-letter genetic code

Scientists have engineered the first ever 'semi-synthetic' organisms, by breeding E. coli bacteria with an expanded, six-letter genetic code.

While every living thing on Earth is formed according to a DNA code made up of four bases (represented by the letters G, T, C and A), these modified E. coli carry an entirely new type of DNA, with two additional DNA bases, X and Y, nestled in their genetic code.

Scientists grew human fallopian tubes in the lab

Researchers in Germany have have grown the innermost layer of human fallopian tubes in a lab. The new technique is offering fresh insights into this essential component of the female reproductive system, while also hinting at potential new directions for the treatment of various reproductive disorders.

fallopian tube

Image: sciencepics/

The fallopian tubes play a crucial role in the female...

Research Shows Evolution in Real Time illustrating interaction between Ecology and Evolution

In a research to record the interaction of environment and evolution, led by University of California under Riverside biologist David Reznickhas has found new information illustrating the evolution of a population of guppies.


Credit: Wikimedia

"We're detailing how evolution happens," Reznick, a professor of biology, said.

"Usually people look at evolution as change over time but they...

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