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A mysterious phase of matter stands in the way of high-temperature superconductivity, new evidence shows - ScienceAlert

Scientists have just found the first direct evidence that a mysterious phase of matter known as the “pseudogap” is standing in the way of high-temperature superconductivity.

Diamonds under pressure impersonate exoplanet cores | Science News

Researchers have squeezed diamonds to a record-setting pressure — 14 times as high as that inside Earth’s core. The compressed diamond’s properties could reveal the extreme conditions deep inside supersized distant planets, the team reports in the July 17 Nature.

Multiphysics invisibility cloak manipulates both electric current and heat

Invisibility cloaks can make objects invisible not just to light in the visible part of the spectrum, but to many other physical excitations. These include acoustic waves, matter waves, heat flux, and infrared or ultraviolet electromagnetic (EM) waves.But so far, any single invisibility cloak can manipulate only one of these types of excitations.

Stressed out: Research sheds new light on why rechargeable batteries fail -- ScienceDaily

Lithium ions traveling through a zinc antimonide anode cause local stress and phase transitions, a process dubbed atomic shuffling. These changes may help explain why most anodes made of layered materials eventually fail.

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