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Infographic: What would be the fastest ship in sci-fi history? | Sciencedump

It took the New Horizons almost nine years to reach Pluto, but what if we had the power of our imaginations in our real life spaceships? How long would it take the Thunderbird 3 or the Millenium Falcon for example, to travel to Pluto? To answer this question Fat Wallet came up with a neat infographic showing which ships from popular sci-fi movies, TV shows, video games and even real life NASA ships to show which ship moves fastest.


Ex Machina, Garland tackles an oft-discussed (and oft-feared) concept circulating throughout the scientific community these days: artificial intelligence. He tells the story of Ava, the first-ever conscious robot, and Nathan, the crazy Elon Musk-like billionaire who created her. Nathan--who made his fortune by starting a Google-like website called Bluebook--invites one of his employees Caleb to his secluded house for a week, tasking him with conducting a Turing Test on Ava. The idea is to see if Ava can pass for human, but what starts off as a simple thought experiment soon becomes a...

The cute rolling ball droid in the new Star Wars is a real robot not CGI

Perhaps the best part about the new Star Wars trailer was seeing BB-8, the adorable rolling ball robot in the new Star Wars movie, bounce and roll itself across the screen. It looked so familiar and so cute and so perfect as the new movie's answer to R2-D2. And the best thing about it? BB-8 is a real robot and not CGI.

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