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Resonance Experiment! (Full Version - With Tones) - YouTube

When you play a tone through the speaker, specific frequencies cause the plate to vibrate in particular patterns - and some regions will vibrate in opposite directions, causing regions of no vibration called nodal lines. And when you add sand, the grains all "fall" into those areas, creating art-like geometric patterns.
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Top 10 Obscure Inventions That Killed Their Inventors - YouTube

Top 10 Obscure Inventions That Killed Their Inventors

When people hear about inventors who lost their lives because of their own inventions, certain well-known cases come to mind: Madame Curie, who died of radiation-induced anemia; Franz Reichelt, who jumped to his death from the Eiffel Tower wearing his own parachute; Horace Lawson Hunley, who drowned in the submarine he designed and built himself; and Otto Lilienthal, who broke his neck when the glider he designed stalled and crashed. This list, however, describes the tragic irony of ten lesser-known, but equally important,...

Jaguar Land Rover introduces the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen - YouTube

Jaguar Land Rover is developing the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen which allows drivers to get a complete, unhindered view of the road. Watch the video to see the transparent pillars, Heads-Up display and ‘Follow Me’ Ghost Car Navigation.

Light bouncing off a mirror at 100 billion frames per second - YouTube

Light bouncing off a mirror

More information about how this works here:

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