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Discovery could lead to new catalyst design to reduce nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust

August 17, 2017- Researchers have discovered a new reaction mechanism that could be used to improve catalyst designs for pollution control systems to further reduce emissions of smog-causing nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust. The research focuses on a type of catalyst called zeolites, workhorses in petroleum and chemical refineries and in emission-control systems for diesel engines.New catalyst designs are needed to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides, or NOx, because current technologies only work well at relatively high temperatures.

Micro reactor Made to Study Formation of Methane Hydrate

Aug. 22, 2017 — Researchers are using a novel means of studying how methane and water form methane hydrate that allows them to examine discrete steps in the process faster and more efficiently. 

NYU Tandon researchers led by Ryan Hartman, an assistant professor of biomolecular and chemical engineering who runs Tandon's Flow Chemistry with Microsystems Laboratory, are using microfluidics -- the precise control and manipulation of fluids by constraining them to sub-millimeter geometries -- along with small changes in temperature to explore the...

scientists have discovered that 'neutrons' the subatomic particle has more mass than we have ever thought !....

This is absoulutely strange thing we ever get to know bcoz till now we thought that the amu of protons and neutrons is the same, but after along reaserch scientist are getting to know some symptoms about that the neutron which is the neutral particle of an atom has a mass which is greater than 1 or which can be never thought  about, when it will be prooved as truth it will disturb whole chemistry field of science.

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