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The brain literally starts eating itself when it doesn't get enough sleep

The reason we sleep goes far beyond simply replenishing our energy levels every 12 hours - our brains actually change states when we sleep to clear away the toxic byproducts of neural activity left behind during the day.

Climate Change Is Claiming yet Another Victim

Researchers have found that climate change is disrupting the seasonal clock of nine species of North American migratory songbirds, putting them under threat of dwindling numbers due to an inability to successfully breed. It's just the latest example of the impact of climate change on the world's creatures.

No escaping ocean plastic: 37 million bits of litter on one of world's remotest islands

The beaches of one of the world's most remote islands have been found to be polluted with the highest density of plastic debris reported anywhere on the planet, in a study published in the prestigious US scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware

A cybersecurity researcher appears to have discovered a "kill switch" that can prevent the spread of the WannaCry ransomware—for now—that has caused the cyberattacks wreaking havoc globally, they told AFP Saturday.

How fruit fly brains control what they choose to eat

Using fruit flies, Johns Hopkins researchers say they have identified a specific and very small set of brain cells—dubbed dopamine wedge neurons—responsible for driving the insects' food preferences toward what they need, rather than what they like.

SpaceX Successfully Lands & Recovers the Falcon 9 After Secret, Classified Launch

Following the successful launch of SpaceX's first national security payload, the world is given a never before seen glimpse of the Falcon 9's first stage separating from the second stage.

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