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In A New Breakthrough Scientists Have Developed Diesel That Emits Much Less CO2

Here is a new approach to the production of fuels discovered by the researchers of KU Leuven and the Utrecht University – something which is going to make all pro-environment activists (that should be all of us, right?) happy. Why? New method which can produce far cleaner diesel. To top it all, it can be easily and quickly calibrated to make it compatible with industrial usage. Who knows, it is quite possible that within the next ten years or so, we may actually encounter cars running on this new, cleaner and much more environmentally friendly diesel.

Single Drop Of Blood Will Soon Be Enough To Diagnose Most Types of Cancer - The Latest News

Researchers at the Cancer Center Amsterdam have developed a ground breaking technique that can detect different types of cancer at an early stage from a single drop of blood.

Fruit Flies Could Hold The Key For Parkinson's Disease Prevention - The Latest News

A new study carried out at the King’s College London identified a new gene in fruit flies called HIFalpha (hypoxia inducible factor alpha), which could prove an effective target treatment for deactivating the gene in humans that cope with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Leigh syndrome as the HIFalpha gene is also found in humans.  These new findings could lead to new preventative treatments for such diseases in the future.

New Discovery About Fructose Could Lead To Treatments For Cancer, Obesity And Diabetes

Scientists have discovered how one sugar – fructose – is transported into our cells. This finding could lead to new treatments to tackle cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Lab Grown Kidneys Have Been Successfully Transplanted Into Animals

Japanese researchers have successfully grown a pair of kidneys in a laboratory. The kidneys have been transplanted into an animal and they have been verified as functioning correctly. This is the first step to growing such organs and transplanting them into a person.

Carbon Nanofoam – The World’s Lightest Material

A new material has been developed at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa physics department. The new material is incredibly light and it has been created from carbon with nanoscale pores and extremely low density. This carbon nanofoam is among the lightest materials ever produced, it may even be in the running for the world’s lightest human created material.

Nanoscale Solar Cells Outperform Traditional Technology

Scientists have designed a novel type of nanoscale solar cell. Initial studies and computer modelling predict these cells will outperform traditional solar panels, reach power conversion levels by over 40 percent.

Global Study Shows That The Leading Factors For Early Death Are High Blood Pressure And Poor Diets - The Latest News

Researchers from the University of Washington and the University of Melbourne in cooperation with an international consortium working on the Global Burden of Disease Project carried out a study that started in 1990 and ended in 2013 which took into consideration 79 risk factors for death in 188 countries. Their results were published in The Lancet a few days ago. The risk factors that were included in their study contributed 25 million deaths in 1990, but by 2013 they already contributed to almost 31 million deaths worldwide.


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