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Antikythera mechanism - The most ancient & mysterious Greek machine ! – MechStuff

Know shocking & interesting facts about the Antikythera mechanism - the most mysterious, ancient machine ever built. Also know about it's history,discovery, construction witha cool video !!!

The Top 10 Biggest Machines in the World ! – MechStuff

A basic introduction & detailed specifications about the mighty top 10 biggest machines of the world ! These machines will definitely make you say- WTF ! Number 2 is bigger than even Empire State building !

what happens when an aircraft travels more than the speed of sound ? – MechStuff

Does everything remain normal ? I guess NO. Fighter jets are specially designed for that – powerful weapons, missiles & high speed. So here we will talk about what happens when an aircraft travels more than the speed of sound or breaks the sound barrier !

Amazing Archimedean screw ! – MechStuff

The name itself gives us an idea that it is invented by Archimedes. Now this man – Archimedes, was an Ancient Greek mathematician, engineer, inventor, physicist, & an astronomer(such a smartass). We are living in 21st century & still we are not able to think stuff like this on our own & this man did it in the 3rd century BC !!!!! We already discussed one of his works – buoyancy & we saw how do ships float ? So the Archimedean screw OR screw pump is just a simple machine consisting a cylinder & a helical surface on the inside part of cylinder. Basically, it...

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