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Why Is The Solar System Flat?

From galaxies to Saturn's rings to our solar system, many celestial objects are flat-out flat. But do you ever wonder why that is -- especially when we live in an ever-expanding, three-dimensional universe?

Henry Reich, creator of the YouTube series MinutePhysics, unravels the mystery of why the solar system is flat in a new video -- just check it out above.

UK Scientists develop a real life Tractor Beam

A team of scientists developed a real-life tractor beam that can levitate an object using sound waves.

tractor beam

Credit: University of Sussex/YouTube

Published in the journal Nature Communications, the new study details how the "sonic tractor beam" can manipulate a tiny object using...

An Australian student has reportedly smashed NASA's fuel efficiency record - ScienceAlert

An Australian university student has reportedly developed a new kind of ion space drive that absolutely obliterates NASA's current fuel efficiency record.

Ion drives are propulsion systems that basically work by throwing particles backwards really, really fast in order to propel a spacecraft forward. NASA's current record holder for fuel efficiency is its High Power Electric Propulsion, or HiPEP, system, which allows 9,600 (+/- 200) seconds...

Scientists have developed a system that absorbs 99.7% of sound - ScienceAlert

A new system developed by scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is capable of absorbing almost all the sound that hits it - 99.7 percent of that sound, to be precise. The new set-up uses not one but two resonators, tuned to vibrate at whatever the frequency of the acoustic waves they're being hit with.

GoPro shows what it is like to be eaten alive by a Saltwater Crocodile

Wildlife photographers Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh have captured the first ever video of a crocodile attack from the view of the powerful reptiles' prey. The duo's team strapped foam to GoPro cameras and dropped them into infested creeks in Australia's Northern Territory.

Credit: National Geographic

Saltwater crocodiles grow to about 20 feet in length and can weigh over 2,200...

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