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Study Reveals New Insights Into a Strange Force That Can Both Pull and Push Objects

Brazilian physicists have made a significant observation that expands our understanding of an unusual phenomenon called blackbody force. This new research could help us refine our models of how planets and stars are formed.

"Godlike" Artificial intelligence just officially beat the world's #1 Go player

The Chinese Go champion, 19-year-old Ke Jie - ranked number one in the world - was just narrowly beaten by Google DeepMind's AlphaGo in the first of a three-match series, and if the algorithm's winning form keeps up, it'll be a watershed moment in the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI).

Study sees link between porn and sexual dysfunction

Young men who prefer pornography to real-world sexual encounters might find themselves caught in a trap, unable to perform sexually with other people when the opportunity presents itself, a new study reports.

A look inside Feynman’s calculus notebook

One of the most unusual artifacts at the Niels Bohr Library & Archives in College Park, Maryland, is a small green notebook once owned by Richard Feynman. It contains handwritten notes he compiled as a high school student in the early 1930s, on a book called Calculus for the Practical Man.

An astrophysicist says Pluto will never be a planet again and we all need to move on

Ever since Pluto lost its planet status back in 2006, most of us have been waiting for the day scientists change their minds and restore it. Last month, we had new hope that might happen, with NASA researchers proposing a new, broader definition for a planet.

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