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Math Trick: Find Any Square Root in 3 Seconds Flat

According to Saint Louis University, the ancient Egyptians developed the square root function in mathematics, which they referred to as the kenbet. The Egyptians implemented and used the kenbet in building the great pyramids, and was most likely used in other fields of architecture.

Bill Nye: Evolution Denial Hurts Innovation in Science and Technology - Video

Bill Nye:  Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science. So if we raise a generation of science students who don’t understand the main idea in biology they’re going to be incompletely educated students and this is going to be trouble for the United States because the United States keeps in the game economically by innovating – having new ideas, new products, new ways of doing things. That’s what the United States produces and brings to the world. And if we raise a significant fraction of our students who don’t understand...

Pythagoras Cup: How it works!

A Pythagoras Cup is a form of drinking cup that forces its user to drink only in moderation. It allows the user to fill the cup with wine or any other liquid up to a certain level. If they fill the cup only to that level, the drinker may enjoy a drink in peace. If they exhibit greed, the cup spills its entire contents out of the bottom.

Why do we put telescopes in space?

Video by MinutePhysics

Telescopes are placed into orbit around the Earth or are sent farther out into space to get a clearer view of the Universe. There are many different types of space telescopes. Some are used to study a special object like the Sun. Others are used to study the different types of light given off by...

This AI can beat almost anyone at chess after 72 hours of learning - ScienceAlert

When talk turns to robotics, the most pressing concern is usually how quickly they're going to take our jobs - but perhaps the grand masters of chess should be the ones looking over their shoulders. A computer scientist in the UK has invented a new type of chess artificial intelligence that's able to get up to the International Master level after just 72 hours of tuition.

Personalized heart models for surgical planning | MIT News

Researchers at MIT and Boston Children’s Hospital have developed a system that can take MRI scans of a patient’s heart and, in a matter of hours, convert them into a tangible, physical model that surgeons can use to plan surgery.

Researchers transform recoded bacteria cells into factories that produce novel proteins

A Yale research team led by Jesse Rinehart and their colleagues at Northwestern University has improved ways to use genetically recoded organisms to produce a host of valuable new protein products that may pave the way for improved cancer drugs.  The findings build upon prior work by Yale team member Farren Isaacs who successfully recoded the genome of a strain of E. coli bacteria.

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