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11 Most Amazing Facts You didn’t know about the DNA. | Science Samhita

DNA is present in every cell of our body that means it is present in almost 100 trillion cells and the total DNA person in these cells can stretch from the Earth to the Sun hundreds of times. DNA is undoubtedly a long structure, but if you compare its width with your hair then it…

The Journey of Genetic Material: from Nuclein to DNA. | Science Samhita

The Journey of genetic material from Nuclein to DNA started with the discovery of Nuclein by Meischer and ended with the Hershey-Chase Experiment. There was a time during this journey when the battle for the title of genetic material was fought between Protein and DNA. But, at the end, DNA unequivocally won the battle and…

11 Things Parents should know about Antibiotics before giving them to their children. | Science Samhita

Antibiotics have been around for many years and if your child is of 5 years or younger than it is obvious that you may get confronted to antibiotics 4 to 5 times in a year and may have fears and doubts about antibiotics. Moreover, many parents may have a habit of self-prescribing medicines or may buy medicines on an old prescription. Such habits are not good for your child’s health. There are precautions and measures we should take before using antibiotics.

Questions We Generally Ask About Natural Killer Cells. | Science Samhita

Natural killer cells are large, granular lymphocytes that are part of the innate immune system and are able to kill cells infected by viruses or by some intracellular bacteria. They are called "Natural Killer Cells" because they have an inherited capability to kill infected cells or tumor cells. These cells recognize their targets by using two different methods, Missing Self Hypothesis and Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC). NK cells play a vital role against Viral infections as they provide a first line defense against many of them.....

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