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The evolution of man’s face over 6 million years, in under 2 mins

We’ve all read and studied the evolution of man from apes. But what if all those hours of studying could be condensed into one spectacular video of around 2 minutes?

Produced by Yale University Press in 2013, the video shows images from a book by the internationally renowned paleoartist John Gurche. According to the information on the book, ‘Shaping Humanity: How Science, Art, and Imagination Help Us Understand Our Origins’, “inspired by a lifelong fascination with all things prehistoric, and gifted with a unique artistic vision, Gurche has studied fossil remains, comparative ape and human anatomy, and forensic reconstruction for over three decades.”

ape face

Image: Yale University/YouTube

Gurche created 15 sculptures representing six million years of human history for the Smithsonian Institution’s David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins. His works draw from fossil discoveries and forensic techniques that allowed him to recreate human evolution in sculpture. This video captures the changes and evolution of man from our ancient human ancestors.

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