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Watch a 2300kg piece of space junk collide with Earth

space junk

Credit: NASA

Right now, a piece of space junk named WT1190F is on a suicidal collision path toward Earth. It is scheduled to re-enter our atmosphere next Saturday, November 14 at 6:20am AEDT (2:20pm Friday EST and 7:20pm Friday UTC) over the Indian Ocean, about 100 km off the coast of Sri Lanka.

Upon re-entry, WT1190F will put on quite a show as it races through the skies, generating tremendous heat from friction against air molecules in the atmosphere. At a critical point, the heat grows so hot that it bursts into flame, and what you get is a marvellous fire works show.

This happened back in 2008, when the European Space Agency sentenced one of its Automated Transfer Vehicles, called Jules Verne, to death by re-entry.

Video: The ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle Re-enters Earth's Atmosphere

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