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Sai Teja is a second-year computer science undergraduate at the University of Hyderabad. With expertise in many modern technologies like Machine Learning, he is also a blogger and has interests in digital marketing and SEO also. He has a dream to build a single internet destination for science and technology enthusiasts
We're One Step Closer to a Blood Test that Predicts When a Person Will Die

Researchers are close to blood tests which can estimate mortality risks

In life, there are two inevitable things. Death and taxes. For the first one, scientists have been trying to come up with a test...
Large scale structure of light distribution

Scientists conduct experiment to define constraints on the force of dark energy

It is now well established through observations that the universe is expanding which has been speeding up over time. However, the cause of the...
crispr gene art

Scientists create new CRISPR model that allows to edit several genes at once

We have seen several uses of CRISPR gene editing such as accurate cutting and pasting of specific genes in DNA. Scientists have now developed...
Grand prismatic spring

Origin of complex life could be revealed by mysterious life form grown in laboratory

Scientists ran a DNA analysis on a sediment core which was found on the floor of the Arctic Ocean in 2010. A previously unknown...
Rainwater Sample

US Geological Survey finds plastic in rainfall in the Rocky Mountains

Researchers from the US Geological Survey (USGS) found something completely unexpected while analyzing the rainwater for nitrogen pollution. They found plastic. In a new...
Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment

Eight new repeating signals detected from deep space

A total of eight new radio signals termed as fast radio bursts (FRBs) have been detected from deep space. One of these signals, FRB...
Spherical aberration disk

Physicists came up with a solution to the 2000 years old ‘unsolvable’ optical problem

A group of physicists from National Autonomous University, Mexico and Tec de Monterrey has found the solution to the Wasserman-Wolf problem(Basically it is...

Researchers for the first time report quantum teleportation in qutrit

Scientists have successfully completed teleportation of a qutrit which is a piece of quantum information based on three states and this has opened a...
artificial intelligence

Chinese newspaper uses robots to generate stories and articles

On Thursday, the China Science Daily publicly announced that it has used software to automatically generate news articles and stories about the latest discoveries...
Scientists Have Built Synthetic Cells That React to External Cues, Just Like Real Ones

Researchers create synthetic cells that react to external stimulus similar to real ones

Artificial cells have been developed by researchers such that they can respond to external chemical forces like real cells. This brings us closer to...