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We spend the maximum amount of time in our life within four walls of home and office. So, we should make sure that we stay safe inside, right? The major concern is there is micro-organisms. A new analysis suggests that there might be 1 Trillion species of microbes on earth of which 99.9% are yet to be discovered. That is shocking, isn’t it?

Let me tell you that the walls of your home and office are the best place for bacteria and fungus to grow. So, how can we prevent the growth of these bacteria?

Paint manufacturers have come up with revolutionary anti-bacterial Paints which can help you in protecting yourself from these bacteria which can grow on your walls, interesting?

You might be wondering as in how can a paint kill bacteria, right? Read the article till the end to know exactly how this paint works and what is the science behind it.

Survival of Microbes

Microbes are everywhere. Each square centimeter of skin alone harbors about 100,000 bacteria. And a single sneeze can spray droplets infested with bacteria and viruses as far as 3 feet.

The question is how long can the microbes survive in your house. The good news here is a lot of microbes like HIV Virus cannot survive more than a few seconds.

But there are a lot of microbes that can survive and even reproduce in normal room temperature.

Bacteria called mesophiles, such as the tuberculosis-causing Mycobacterium tuberculosis​, survive best at room temperature (​Source​)

So, you might have realized by now that this is a real problem and you have to take some action against it.

How do Anti-bacterial Paints Work?

The paint inhibits the reproduction of the bacteria. If your wall gets a large number of bacteria from some source, the paint can’t help you. So, this paint is one of the solutions, not the only solution.

But this paint is very effective in preventing bacteria reproduction. Let me tell you about the technology used here.

The most famous material used in antimicrobial paints is silver and it is named Silver Ion technology.

Silver is a very effective natural agent. ​Silver ion technology ​is already present in day to day products like cell phones, touch screens, textiles, clothing, etc. and it is known that silver is safe to humans, animals, and plants.

Silver ion technology basically resists and inhibits the growth of bacteria by forming a protective surface.

As the name suggests, the activated silver in the paint emits ion which interferes with the bacteria and prevents the growth. As bacteria come into contact with the coating, the Anti-Bacterial agent in the coating penetrates the microorganism’s cell wall, disrupting its ability to grow and reproduce. That is how it basically works.

Additionally, tests1​have shown that on unprotected surfaces, bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes. Mitigating the effects of this rapid escalation, Silver ion technology inhibits bacterial growth by 99%#, keeping surfaces cleaner for a longer time.

Royale Health Shield by Asian Paints ​is one of the ideal choices available in the market to paints your walls. Royale Health Shield contains Silver Ion Technology as recommended* by the Indian Medical Association.

So, we want our viewers to make a smart choice while buying paints. Go for antibacterial paint.


#​Royale Health Shield with Silver Ion technology, within 2 hours of exposure kills 99% bacteria on walls.

*Fomite Infections (bacteria) can spread through infected walls among other indoor surfaces in homes and offices

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I acknowledge the support and contribution of Asian Paints Limited in providing information for this article. The purpose of this article is to explain the scientific principles behind anti-bacterial paints.

All product specific views expressed here are my personal views. Readers should do their own research & consult professionals before purchasing the product.

Products may not function as intended if they are not correctly used. Please also refer to product guides provided by companies before purchasing the product as your purchase and use of the product will be governed by them.


Antimicrobial Protection for Public Building Application (Linetic, Sherwin Williams) & Microban- antibacterial product protection

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