Automating artificial intelligence for medical decision-making

Automating artificial intelligence for medical decision-making

MIT computer scientists are hoping to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence to improve medical decision-making, by automating a key step that’s usually done...
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Chinese newspaper uses robots to generate stories and articles

On Thursday, the China Science Daily publicly announced that it has used software to automatically generate news articles and stories about the latest discoveries...
algorithm image deep learning

Researchers develop deep neural network to identify deepfakes

It was normally considered that seeing is believing until we learnt that photo editing tools can be used to alter the images we see....
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AI program defeats professionals in six-player poker game

An AI program created by Carnegie Mellon University researchers in collaboration with Facebook has beaten top professionals in the world’s most popular form of...
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Tsunami of fake news generated by AI can ruin the Internet

Several new tools can recreate the face of a human being or the voice of a writer to a very high level of accuracy....

Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce

The ‘Vegebot’, developed by a team at the University of Cambridge, was initially trained to recognize and harvest iceberg lettuce in a lab setting....
New AI programming language goes beyond deep learning

New AI programming language goes beyond deep learning

A team of MIT researchers is making it easier for novices to get their feet wet with artificial intelligence, while also helping experts advance the...
Samsung Ai Deepfake

Latest Samsung AI can produce animated deepfake with a single image

Samsung’s AI tech is amazingly creepy and will make our deepfake problem worse as the Samsung engineers from the Samsung AI Center and the...
Kismet robot at MIT Museum

Researchers use magnetic properties for improving artificial intelligence systems

A group of researchers and experts from Purdue University have developed a method to integrate magnets with networks similar to brain for programming and...
Tesla Autopilot Engaged in Model X

Tesla announces self-driving chips along with a ride-sharing network of driverless...

Tesla has revealed its plans of launching a cab sharing network consisting of only self-driven cars. Tesla held an ‘Autonomy Day’ for promoting the...