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photosynthetic artificial cells

Scientists make photosynthetic artificial cells

Associate professor Yutetsu Kuruma led by his team has created artificial cells that can produce chemical energy that helps synthesize parts of the cells...
international space station

A recent experiment strengthens hope for life on Mars

Our chances of finding life on Mars have vastly increased, thanks to a groundbreaking new experiment. Scientists have discovered that certain simple organisms that...
Tyrannosaurus rex

Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) skeleton found in Canada

Palaeontologists from the University of Alberta have recently unearthed a skeletal frame of Tyrannosaurus rex, which is reportedly the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found...
electricity eating bacteria

Electricity-eating microbes use electrons and fix carbon dioxide to grow

We have often seen our metal products catching rust and we usually apply some grease over it in order to prevent the rust over...
ohio state university researchers testing for fibromyalgia

Groundbreaking blood test accurately detects fibromyalgia

Whenever we visit a doctor, he often tells us that we need to do a certain blood test and we often wonder why. It...
brain organoids in a petri dish

Researchers created lab grown brain that independently connected to spinal cord

There are many diseases wherein one needs a donor to donate an organ, it is very difficult to get donors these days and even...
NASA Astronaut Kevin Ford trains with Ultrasound

Dormant viruses activate in astronauts during spaceflight

In recent years we have been doing a variety of research in space. This is possible only with the help of astronauts going to space...
Yuka Woolly Mammoth

Japanese scientists revived cell parts of extinct Woolly Mammoth

A team of Japanese scientists has woken up cells of Woolly Mammoth, that walked on earth 28,000 years ago. Researchers extracted bone marrow and...
Urine cultured on Oxoid Brilliance UTI Agar plate

Harnessing Zinc would help to cure UTI without antibiotics

UTIs are one of the prominent bacterial infections across the globe, with about 150 million cases each year, and can lead to serious health...
Merkel Cell Carcinoma

MCC patients responds better to immunotherapy than chemotherapy

In a recent study, it was proved that immunotherapy drug ‘pembrolizumab' responds better than conventional chemotherapy, in case of skin cancer 'Markel cell carcinoma', a...
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