Quantum Refrigerator

Scientists create superconducting quantum refrigerator

Imagine if we can think of a refrigerator so cold that it could turn atoms into their quantum states giving those properties that defy...
Runit Dome

Fears of radioactive contamination of Cactus Dome increase in Runit Island

Nuclear tests which were carried out during war times and in the late 1900s have left a huge geographical impact on the area which...
Magnificent CME Solar eruption of plasma

Researchers discover mystery of exotic material in Sun’s atmosphere

A group of researchers from Ireland and France have declared an important finding on the behaviour of matter in the highly extreme conditions of...
solar panels array

Scientists develop new material for improving efficiency of solar panels

Clean energy acts as an intersection which acts as a suitable substitution for fossil fuels. It is noticed that solar power plants have to...
Hydrogen Fuel Station Sign

Scientists create new material for enabling hydrogen power revolution

Researchers have discovered a material which can be useful for tapping the potential of hydrogen-driven vehicles. It is published in the journal Energy and...
Mohave Generating Station

Scientists demonstrate generation of electricity from coldness of universe

Conventional resources of energy have been providing and powering our needs since electricity was made in the late 1800s. The conventional resources of energy...
colliding neutron stars

Neutron star collision identified as a major source for many elements...

Space is a vast and boundary-less area full of mystery and unknown. The stars, planets and heavenly bodies exert gravitational forces on each other...




Study demonstrates stress reduction benefits from petting dogs, cats

Study demonstrates stress reduction benefits from petting dogs, cats

College is stressful. Students have classes, papers, and exams. But they also often have work, bills to pay, and so many other pressures common...