schematic model of boron

Combination of experiments and calculations allows examination of boron’s complicated dance

In a study that combines experimental work and theoretical calculations made possible by supercomputers, scientists have determined the nuclear geometry of two isotopes of boron....

Researchers a step closer in creating successor to shrinking transistors

Over the decades, computers and other electronic devices have shrunk in size and also been significantly faster. This has been possible as the makers...
A heart muscle cell shows bundles of actin filaments and bands of myosin.

For the first time, scientists recreate cell division—outside a cell

Every living thing moves—prey from predators, ants to crumbs, leaves toward sunlight. But at the most fundamental level, scientists are still struggling to grasp...

‘Fettuccine’ may be most obvious sign of life on Mars, researchers...

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — A rover scanning the surface of Mars for evidence of life might want to check for rocks that look like pasta,...
Megaraptor namunhuaiquii

Relation with T Rex found in fossils discovered 30 years ago

Humans of all age groups from children to great archaeologists have always been curious about the origin and existence of dinosaurs. Scientists at the...
micro submarines

‘Submarines’ small enough to deliver medicine inside human body

Cancers in the human body may one day be treated by tiny, self-propelled ‘micro-submarines’ delivering medicine to affected organs after UNSW Sydney chemical and...
Fusarium oxysporum strain fungi

Researchers discover interaction of fungi with gold deep inside Earth

The National Space Agency of Australia has found a gold digging fungus not from gold mines rather from deep inside the surface of the...
inhaler copd

Steroids can reduce lung cancer risk in COPD patients

For many people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, a steroid inhaler is a daily necessity to keep their airways open and help...
Illustration of the rogue planet

The ‘Forbidden’ Planet has been found in the ‘Neptunian Desert’

The Neptunian Desert is a region close to stars where large planets with their own atmospheres, similar to Neptune, are not expected to survive,...
Runit Dome

Fears of radioactive contamination of Cactus Dome increase in Runit Island

Nuclear tests which were carried out during war times and in the late 1900s have left a huge geographical impact on the area which...