string theory

Physicist one step closer towards solution of the string theory puzzle

A physicist from the University of Colorado, Boulder is very close in solving a puzzle in the string theory which has been unsolved for...
Diamond graphite structure

Researchers demonstrate quantum teleportation within a diamond

Researchers from the Yokohama National University have been successful in teleporting quantum information securely within the boundaries of a diamond. The implications of this...
Neural network data matching

Machine learning unlocks mysteries of quantum physics

Understanding electrons’ intricate behaviour has led to discoveries that transformed society, such as the revolution in computing made possible by the invention of the...
Quantum Dots

Researchers develop quantum dot microscope for measuring electric potentials of atoms

A group of scientists from Jülich in collaboration with the University of Magdeburg has developed a new technique for measuring the electric potentials of...
Collage of six cluster collisions with dark matter maps

Scientists find a new candidate for dark matter along with ways...

Two physicists from the University of California, Davis have got a new element for the position of dark matter and also a possible way...

Evidence from Large Hadron Collider reveals structure of pentaquark

A new structure was detected from the world’s largest particle accelerator, LHC. It was an imported particle which has five quarks bounded together commonly...
Quantum Refrigerator

Scientists create superconducting quantum refrigerator

Imagine if we can think of a refrigerator so cold that it could turn atoms into their quantum states giving those properties that defy...
Schrodinger cat in box

Researchers can predict the jumps of Schrodinger’s cat and save it

Researchers from Yale University have found out a way to catch and save the famous Schrodinger's cat, by anticipating its moves beforehand and taking...
Quantum network

Establishing the ultimate limits of quantum communication networks

At the moment, sensitive data is typically encrypted and then sent across fibre-optic cables and other channels together with the digital “keys” needed to...

Researchers demonstrate working of quantum computers with help of graphene

A new material consisting of only one sheet of carbon atoms can give rise to new and unique designs of optical quantum computing devices....




Red wine's resveratrol could help Mars explorers stay strong

Researchers identify red wine’s resveratrol can keep Mars explorers strong

According to NASA, it would take 9 months to reach Mars from Earth. With the space race moving ahead, researchers from Harvard University are...