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MIT Scientists Uncovers the Existence of A New Blackest Substance

MIT Scientists Uncovers the Existence of A New Blackest Substance

What’s the darkest kind of black in your imagination? Black noir, Coal Black, Jet Black or anything you can count on. MIT scientists have made the discovery of a super black material. It has been claimed that this black substance is by far more darker than Ventablack.

A trending study in journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces reveals that a material made up of carbon cylinders organized on an aluminum foil surface is able to absorb more than 99.995 percent of light form possible angle is nearly 10 times blacker than any other property ever found on the planet Earth.

This much darker foil is out for a public display at the New York Stock Exchange as a precious phase of an art exhibition called “The Redemption of Vanity.” It has been reported that foil hits the price of $2 million diamonds.


This blackest ever material was invented by a professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT named Brian Wardle and a materials scientist at Shanghai Jiao Tong University named Kehang Cui when they both were making their collective attempts of fixing an issue in regards of carbon nanotubes.

Wardle and Cui were hitting efforts to produce carbon nanotubes on aluminum plains for the purpose of exaggerating the conductivity of the foil. But at the time of this experiment, a thin membrane of oxide kept arising on the aluminum that advanced its current.

Cui found that placing the aluminum to saltwater resulted in dissolving the oxide which helped the team to construct nanotubes with a combination of powerful electrical characteristics. They did it on a forecasting basis. It has been stated in the study.

” I remember noticing how black it was before growing carbon nanotubes on it, and then after growth, it looked even darker,” Cui admitted. “So I thought I should measure the optical reflectance of the sample”.

In the beginning, they had absolutely no clue that this action is going to end up revealing the blackest substance ever came into existence in this universe. As soon as they saw the incredible blackish properties of this material they approached Diemut Strebe, MIT artist in residence for exhibiting the darkened diamond. The reason behind this intense blackness is the high light absorption proficiency of CNT.,

“Our group does not usually focus on optical properties of materials, but this work was going on at the same time as our art-science collaborations with Diemut, so art influenced science in this case,” says Wardle.

“CNT forests of different varieties are known to be extremely black, but there is a lack of mechanistic understanding as to why this material is the blackest. That needs further study,” Wardle says.

For instance, this ultra-black foil might prove to be a precious detection for other scientific moves such as for fighting up the blackout, a path in the galaxy by preferring the use of striking shadow of this black element. It was completely an incidental finding but now is topping the charts of some actual amazements.

Journal Reference: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

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