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heat wave alaska

Giant heat dome over Alaska about to break all-time temperature records

Alaska is setting all-time heat records in recent days as a massive and abnormally intense area of high pressure is locked in and strengthening the region around it. It is expected to create temperature records as the highest value recorded for several days mainly in Southern Alaska.

Anchorage has recorded its highest temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit which was recorded in 1969 for 5 consecutive days. It could even touch 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The National Weather Service has predicted the temperature in southern Alaska to be in the 80 degrees Fahrenheit and even in the low 90s. The lowest temperature could touch only close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit at nights during this hot stretch and close to the average temperature at this point of time in the year. It is the warmest period for Alaska and is expected to last close to 7 days.

The heat wave is the latest in a nonstop barrage of warm weather for Alaska. It comes on the end of June where the temperature was already above average and was filled with calamities like wildfires which continue even as July arrives. The spring and winter before that were also pretty warm. It also follows the heat wave that hit Europe and shattered records for highest temperatures there as well.


The temperatures at Alaska have shifted abruptly in the past few years and there is a similar change across the Arctic Region due to climate change and global warming. The sea ice surrounding the state has recorded the lowest levels. The presence of open water and the absence of ice has elevated the ocean temperature close to 2.5 degrees Celsius above normal temperature. The combination of the high-pressure heat dome and unusually high coastal waters and maximum energy from the sun will play the role of contributing factors to maximize the potential for historically high temperatures.

A climatologist from Alaska has tweeted that Anchorage, Kotzebue, Talkeetna, and Yakutat have posted the warmest temperatures in the month of June as per record while Nome, King Salmon, and McGrath have logged the second warmest June as per records. The high temperatures have led to a higher monthly temperature average and have hit 92 degrees Fahrenheit near the Northway, near the eastern border with Canada. In southeast Alaska, drought has persisted for close to a year now with Juneau recorded the third warmest day and also completed the warmest five day stretch since 1936. This heat blast is expected to eventually ease by next week and forecast predicts normal temperature in July and August.

About the author: Kalpit Veerwal
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