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Fast Company posted a question stating if air conditioners were the only reason for stopping climatic changes since it kept us all cool and what would have happened if carbon was removed from the air instead of putting it. Adele Peters gave an explanation to this question, she said the air conditioners might be using a lot of electricity by the middle of the century which may lead to an increase in the average global temperature by half a degree.
Charlotte Jee,  Download writer has said that air conditioners use a lot of energy and emit harmful substances which causes rise to the global temperatures and this temperature rise is the main cause of the purchase of this air conditioner which is an irony.
The climate change can also be fixed so why don’t we replace it with the normal air conditioners and save energy and our environment as well. Scientists said that the CO2 capture functionality can be easily added to an air conditioning system and they too are going to show the same result as the HVAC system.
Scientific American has thought of making a machine which captures carbon dioxide and converts it into fuel. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system help in moving a lot of air and they can be easily replaced by the entire volume of air by five or ten times an hour in an office building. They can also move large volumes of air and can also capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Crowd oil, not crude oil was the title given in the researcher’s paper by Roland Dittmeyer, Michael Klumpp, Paul Kant and Geoffrey Ozin in Nature Communications. They named it as crowd oil since all the people in homes, offices and other private enterprises all over the world together use the air conditioning and ventilation system to catch the CO2 and H2O from the air across the environment and convert it into renewable synthetic oil by chemical processes and crowd oil is the replacement of the non renewable oil based on fossils which is a step towards a circular CO2 economy.
The scientists have also made a dummy model of crowd oil from refineries similar to crowd electricity from solar panels which will allow people to control and manage global warming and the climatic changes instead of depending on the fossil power industrial behemoth. The reviews of the plan were that it’s highly theoretical and lots of challenges have to be faced before executing the plan.



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