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neural activity

Scientists announce the possibility of wearable technology to monitor brains

The start of the 21st century has embarked the age of rapid and tremendous technological revolution in every sector of life. We are surrounded by wide scale applications of technology and smart devices which assist us in every moment of our life. The growth of smart devices and wearable technology has completely changed the devices we use in our life. This is also possible due to successfully being able to reduce the size of the devices without compromising on the functionality of the device.

A recent development in wearable technology is the introduction of devices called “Hearables”, which possess the technology required to communicate with neural signals which pass through the ear in order to monitor and interact with our brain.  Such devices are being developed and will act as smart hearing aids and monitor our brain activity to cure tinnitus. Such devices will be embedded with artificial intelligence and also with biological intelligence. Both these technologies can be collaborated for augmenting our thought process and collaborating with our brains. The Stanford University neuroscientist and chief scientist at Dolby Laboratories, Dr Poppy Crum has stated that the ear is like the biological equivalent of a USB Port. The ear is a gateway for reading and writing in our brain. It is the area where we are able to read the stimulus which is being transmitted to our brain and also while listening to our favourite music; the brain is writing information to the brain. He has recently written about this in the IEEE Spectrum.

Other wearable devices like Google Glasses have been ridiculed for being creepy and dorky characteristics, however, the hearable are well embedded inside the ear and cannot be visible from outside.


Crum predicts that brain-computer interface is going to be the next big thing and brain-computer wearable interface devices could be made possible in the next 5 years. He has said that these kinds of wearable devices will constantly and silently assess and anticipate our needs, our state of mind and help us cope with the world around us.

Crum also added that soon they might be our true life partners. The key aspect of this wearable is Plug and Play and Surround sound features which are very important in generating refinement to the device. Wearable technology is the next big thing in the 21st century and has huge potential as well as a huge market base in support of this technology.

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About the author: Kalpit Veerwal
Kalpit Veerwal is a second year Computer Science undergraduate at IIT Bombay. He is well known for being the only person to score 360/360 in JEE (Main). He is registered in the Limca Book of Records for the same. A blogger in his free time, he has also secured top ranks in various exams held in India and the world.

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