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Researchers detect abnormal rates in the expansion of universe

Researchers detect abnormal rates in the expansion of universe
Timeline demonstrating the accelerated rates of expansion of the universe (Credits - Wikimedia Commons)

In the latest researches, the results have been shown that the universe is enlarging much quicker than it should be based on the conditions after Big Bang. The constantly increasing rate of the universe is known as Hubble Constant and it has been very hard to pin down the rate. The results of the research have been published in The Astrophysical Journal.

Adam Riess, professor of astronomy and physics at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore said that there has been a huge mismatch between what they calculated and the rate by which the size of the universe is increasing and also added that this was totally unexpected. Riess also won a Nobel Prize in physics in the year 2011 for research in the late ’90s about the increase in the speed of expansion of the universe. Astronomers are totally astonished about what’s the reason behind this expansion and many of them use it as an unknown repulsive force known as dark energy.

Riess and his colleagues used a new method with the help of Hubble Space Telescope to study about the 70 Cepheid variable stars present in the Large Magellanic Cloud which is one of the Milky Way’s satellite galaxies. Standard candles are used by the astronomers to calculate the distances since the Cepheid variables faint and enrichen up at an expected rate. The researchers derived a new Hubble Constant of 74.03 kilometers per second per megaparsec using the data which is 9% faster than the data estimated in the Planck data and that the chance of an error is about one in 100,000 now. Adam Riess also said that the Hubble tension connecting the late and early universe might be the most thrilling development in cosmology in decades.

The mysterious form of energy known as dark energy which is thought to be comprised of about 70 percent of the matter-energy as well as the density of the universe and it is currently the most believed statement behind the speed of the growth of the universe. Astronomers aren’t sure about the reason but they say that maybe the dark matter is interchanging with the normal matter strongly that they have thought it to be the reason behind the expansion but it can also mean that the result is cannot be elaborated according to the physics present currently so some brand  new and strange kind of physics might be needed.

Riess also added that these aren’t only the two failed experiments but many more are there We can conclude that researchers are calculating something basically different and the first one is how quickly the universe is expanding and the second is the reason behind its expansion and its calculation.


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