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SpaceX loses contact with 3 of its starlink internet satellites

SpaceX loses contact with 3 of its starlink internet satellites
View of the 60 Starlink Satellites from the May 24, 2019 launch (Credits - Wikimedia Commons)

Recently, the well-renowned company SpaceX had launched the first batch of its much awaited “Starlink” program satellites. The commencement witnessed 60 spacecraft which were launched in the orbit which is very close to the earth.

In the recent report provided by SpaceX revealed that they are no more in touch with three of the 60 internet satellites.

Apart from these three satellites, SpaceX has said that the remaining 57 spacecrafts are working in an apropos manner. 45 of these 57 Starlink satellites have reached their desired orbit which is 342 miles from earth. Five satellites are still in the process to raise their orbits and there are another 5 satellites which are under system checks for future launching.

For the last 2 spacecrafts, SpaceX plans to test their deorbiting feature and for that, they will be crashing them straight into earth’s atmosphere though they do not have any problems. The remaining three failed satellites will crash into earth within a year due to their positioning in a lower orbit.

This failure hasn’t perturbed SpaceX and its higher authorities as they claim that the technology used is relatively new and thus prone to error. This kind of reaction from SpaceX has made people think about how they have been permitted for such a project. To support the launching of this project, Elon Musk-led company says that they have taken permission from the Federal Communications Commission. This permission grants them to place nearly 12000 small spacecrafts in the upcoming 8 years.

The main agenda behind this project is to provide ubiquitous internet with high bandwidth. For the same purpose, this Starlink constellation will be used for streaming videos and will also enable to play high bandwidth games aiding them to understand the operability and latency.

On the other hand, the failure of those three satellites has caused contemplation amongst the space scholars who think that the debris will enhance the chances of the collision leading to catastrophic results. This has come at a time where NASA’s research says that almost 99% of satellites should be removed within half a decade for the proper functioning of necessary space projects.

To bolster their point, Elon Musk has assured that his company is in touch with the US Air Force which helps them in locating their spacecrafts and avoid any kind of collisions. Along with this, Musk has also spoken about their initiative to contact different astronomy groups for taking their guidance which will provide a path to make necessary amendments in their systems.


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