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Google reveals security flaws in iOS resulted hacking of users personal data

“Security flaws in ios lead to hacking of users personal data”, says Google

Google security researchers said that they have detected several malicious websites which when visited would hack into the iPhone of the visitor without any alert. This is possible by the exploitation of a number of security flaws in the software which were previously not disclosed. 

Google’s Project Zero said that these harmful websites were visited several thousands of times per week by visitors who had no idea of what was going on. Ian Beer, Project Zero’s security researcher said that for the device to be exploited it was enough to visit the malicious website which would then install a monitoring implant if it was successful. The hacking of the iPhones continued for a minimum period of two years.  

Five unique exploit chains were detected that involved a total of twelve separate security flaws. Seven of these flaws involved Safari which is the default browser on iPhones. An attacker managed to get root access( the highest access level) to the iPhone with the help of the other five exploit chains. As a result, all the features could be accessed by the attackers including those which were not accessed even by the users. This helped them in installing applications or other malware in their devices with no knowledge of the users. 

According to an analysis of Google, the personal photos, messages of the users along with their live location could be stolen due to these vulnerabilities. It would also provide access to the saved passwords in the devices. iOS versions 10 to 12 were affected by these vulnerabilities.

They were privately disclosed by Google to Apple in the month of February where it was provided only a week for fixing the flaws and roll out the updates to the users. Since the security flaws were of such a severe nature, very less time period was provided to the developers. After six days, Apple rolled out security patches for iOS 12.1.4 for iPhone 5s, iPad Air and other later models. 

Beer said that it might be possible there are other hacking campaigns which are currently operating. Apple has a good reputation in handling security-related issues. It also increased the bug bounty payment to a maximum of a million dollars if security researchers can detect the flaws which allow the intruders to get root-level access to the device without any interaction from the user side. Under Apple’s new bounty rules — set to go into effect later this year — Google would’ve been eligible for several million dollars in bounties. 

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Gaming companies launch streaming platforms indicating a change in the industry

The immersive battles in the world of video games will now be heading to the cloud as the gaming industry is now switching to streaming services. The Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles will be hosting blockbuster gaming titles but the more important question is how will users play these super rich games.

The gaming sector generated last year 135 billion US dollars out of which 43.4 billion was in United States. As per Entertainment Software Association, 164 million people play video games in the United States, and there is a video game player in three out of four households in America.

Major internet giant Google will be launching a video game streaming service named Stadia in 14 nations in the coming November. It will be selling a “founders edition bundle”, a hardware combo pack for 129 US dollars along with a monthly subscription fee of 9.99 US dollars. The price in Europe will be 129 euros and 9.99 euros per month respectively. The subscribers can play free games as well as buy titles. Shooter game Destiny 2 will be the first freely available title for download from developer Bungie. Hit games such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Ghost Recon Breakpoint from Ubisoft will also be available for purchase. Google CEO Sundar Pichai commented that the main motive of Stadia is to provide a gaming platform for everyone.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has started testing its game streaming technology, Project xCloud through its employees. Microsoft has set the vision for letting people play Xbox games with their desired people on the devices users are most comfortable in. It has also updated several of its Azure datacentres in Asia, Europe and North America for synchronizing with xCloud. As per Microsoft, there are nearly 1900 games that are currently in development for its Xbox One, all of which can also run in its upcoming Project xCloud.

Another gaming giant Sony started its PlayStation Now service five years ago which allowed games to be streamed in its consoles or Windows-powered computers. It also allows users to download games to their PlayStation 4 devices. Sony along with its rival Microsoft will be using the Azure cloud platform for supporting gaming and digital content streaming. Chief Executive of Sony Kenichiro Yoshida said that their mission is to evolve the PlayStation platform into a platform through which players can experience top-notch gaming entertainment irrespective of time and place.

Apple will also be launching their own service Arcade where 100 titles will be available initially in the debut. It will allow smooth gaming experience across all Apple devices according to its website.

With all these companies launching game streaming platforms, it will be interesting which one catches the attention of the maximum number of users.