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Amazon Go prototype

Amazon working on wearable device to sense human emotions

Amazon is reported to be developing a voice-enabled wearable gadget that can recognise human emotions. If the company is successful in manufacturing it then it could help it in improving its target advertisements. Besides this, it can also make improved and refined product recommendations and advise human beings on how to be nicer to each other while interacting.

A few internal papers have revealed some details about the upcoming product. The device can be worn on the wrist, so its appearance could resemble that of Apple Watch or a Fitbit. It is being produced by a collaboration of Amazon and Lab126, a firm which was responsible for making other Amazon products such as Kindle, Fire mobile phone and the smart speaker Echo.

As per Bloomberg, the device will be working in sync with a smartphone application and will come with microphones paired with software which can determine the emotional condition of the customer from his or her sound. It is not yet confirmed if Amazon has future plans to make the device available for mass consumption. However, it is clear that the company is working on a large ecosystem of electronic devices with inbuilt speech recognition facility.

Amazon has come a long way from a simple online company selling books, founded in a garage to a major e-commerce company and a cloud services giant. It is also the first company to reach a valuation of one trillion dollars. It recently launched a chain of automated convenience stores, Amazon Go. It enables the customers to make purchases without going through the regular checkout by a cashier. Till now it has been launched in 11 locations across the United States. Amazon plans to launch further stores depending on the functioning of the current stores.

Apart from the wearable device, it is also reported to be working on a humanoid robot “Vesta”. Named after the goddess of the home, family in Roman mythology, this robot could be able to perform cleaning operations, set up alarms. It will be equipped with highly developed cameras, computer vision software and move around homes like a self-driving vehicle. Amazon is also planning to compete with Apple’s AirPods by developing its own earphones powered by Alexa.

Although it sounds futuristic, devices capable of monitoring emotions is not improbable. As per the research company Gartner, within 2022, almost 10% of devices will have AI abilities to detect emotions either through the device or with the help of cloud technology.

Would you like to use such devices and let companies know about your emotions? Tell us with a short and quick comment.

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