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The Science Behind Anti-Bacterial Paints

We spend the maximum amount of time in our life within four walls of home and office. So, we should make sure that we stay


Microbes Found Deep In Earth Crust For The First Time

Life, something that we living things have, and it’s reasonably good to mention we have infiltrated the Earth. Microorganisms too are part of living beings


Microorganisms and not humans might be the first inhabitants of Mars

With all the noise regarding colonising Mars one might wonder who would be Mars’ first residents. Maybe some of Earth’s most intelligent people with several

Grand prismatic spring

Origin of complex life could be revealed by mysterious life form grown in laboratory

Scientists ran a DNA analysis on a sediment core which was found on the floor of the Arctic Ocean in 2010. A previously unknown organism

plastic pollution forming plasticrust ocean shores
Environment News

Researchers discover a different type of plastic pollution at the shoreline

Scientists have recently discovered crust of plastic particles that were forming up on shoreline rocks. This ‘plasticrust’  is a huge threat to the creatures inhabiting

The newly described stone eating shipworm, known as Lithoredo abatanica.
Biology Environment News

Researchers discover stone eating creatures in Philippines

Researchers associated with numerous institutions across the U.S. have discovered a rare species of shipworms named Lithoredo abatanica that feeds on rocks and stones instead

human picornavirus b3

Researchers detect vulnerability in major human viruses

Medical science and research is moving ahead at a huge pace. A new feature in a large class of pathogenic viruses was discovered recently that

bacteriophage attack cell
Biology Health

Teenage girl saved from fatal infection by genetically engineered virus

In the 21st century, medical advancements have reached greater heights and continue to achieve new feats and higher levels of research has enabled scientists to

Mono Lake South Tufa August
Biology Environment

Studies find microbes in Pacific Ocean surviving on arsenic

Oceans are a rich and biodiverse habitat on its own. We can find organisms and plants ranging from a few millimetres to a length of