Cicret wristband turns your arm into a touch screen

cicret wristband
(Image: Cicret)

Paris based design company Cicret aims to turn your arm into a tablet device promising a great future for wearables. Coined as “a tablet on your skin”, the Cicret bracelet will project your phone onto the skin of your arm.

It will use a tiny ”pico projector” and eight miniature proximity sensors to project an image of your device screen on to your arm.

Low energy Bluetooth will communicate with your mobile device. A Wi-Fi component will connect you to the network. It will have a vibration function and a micro USB charging port.

Touching your arm with your finger will interact with the sensors and return the instructions back to the processor of the bracelet.

cicret bracelet
Image: Cicret

Flicking your wrist will turn on the display on your arm. The Cicret bracelet will be water resistant and durable. Flick, swipe, pinch and zoom functionality will be supported along with tap to text. You will even be able to answer the phone with a flick of your wrist.

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