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intel 7th gen processor

Intel announces its ninth generation processor range for laptops

Intel announced its ninth generation processorsi9-9980HK for laptops which can clock up to 5 GHz. It had earlier announced the ninth gen chips aimed at desktop consumers and the i9-9900K was debuted which was the first processor for consumers to reach the clock speed of 5 GHz. The overclocked processors are aimed at heavy gaming users. Gaming laptops by ASUS, Lenovo and Razer were also announced coinciding with this news.

The 9980HK processor has a base clock speed of 2.4GHz and its performance can be boosted up to 5 GHz. With the help of Intel’s Hyperthreading technology, which allows for two threads per core it has 16 threads of performance. There is also the 9880H for those users who do not need to overclock. The base level processor in this line is the i5-9300H which can reach a maximum clock speed of 4GHz by boosting its performance.

In comparison to last year’s 8th gen processor 8950HK, the i9-9980HK can provide up to 18 percent higher framerate in games such as Hitman 2 and it is 28 percent faster in case of 4K video editing. When compared to three-year-old machines running i7-6700HQ, the new processors offer almost 50 percent faster fps and a 54 percent increase in video editing.


For those users who bought laptops in the last year, these chips would not provide a huge upgrade. These are most suitable for machines which are more than three years old as these processors would be a huge performance boost.

Besides this, the processors also come with the support of Intel’s Optane Memory H10 module, which basically combines the zippy memory technology with large scale SSD storage. This technology allows Intel to use their Optane memory caching method in the ultrabooks which can only accommodate one SSD. According to claims from Intel, this solution will help in loading games 2.29 times faster and load large files 1.63 times faster. The 9980-HK is equipped with a smart cache memory of 16 MB and can support up to 128 GB of RAM. It also comes with the support for AX200 Wi-Fi 6 adapter, that can provide wireless speeds up to 2.4 Gbps.

Gaming laptops such as Alienware Area 51m are equipped with the i9-9900K desktop processor and has a thermal design of 95 watts. Because of this, there is a compromise on battery life. However, the ninth gen laptop chips provide a more balanced option to the consumers as it is based on the thermal design of 45 watts. While the consumers would not get the battery life of 12 plus hours like that of ultraportable laptops, they can expect an additional increase of few hours.

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