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A new technique for increasing screen brightness and battery capacity

A new technique for increasing screen brightness and battery capacity
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Imagine a sunny day in the park and you are surfing your phone sitting on the bench. The most common problem which we face is that the brightness is low, resulting in improper viewing of the screen. But now scientists from Imperial College London have promulgated that they have devised a solution to this issue. The study has been published in the ACS Nano journal.

In this new age smartphones, which have become part and parcel of our day to day life use OLED (organic light emitting diodes) for displaying pixels which in turn creates the screen of those smartphones.

At present, to counter the problem of viewing the smartphones in the outside environment, anti-glare filters are preferred which enables proper view for the users. But like every coin has two sides, the anti-glare filter has one disadvantage i.e. half of the light generated by each OLED pixel remains trapped within the display, which halves the energy efficiency of the OLED.

To solve all of the related issues, the physics and chemistry department scientists combined efforts have contributed to synthesizing a new type of OLED. Impressive results were obtained by controlling the basic chemistry of OLED. The salient feature of this novel OLED is its generation of special polarized light, its energy efficiency and also the increase in the brightness. The polarized light is able to bypass the anti-glare filter and thus this new innovation has garnered applause from various industries. Apart from facilitating energy efficiency and durable battery life, it also has a low carbon footprint which makes it environment-friendly.

Furthermore, the team of imperial scientists thinks these OLEDs and these special materials and approaches they have used will be useful for other applications as well.

This polarized light has capabilities that can be used for storage, transmission, and encryption of information. The scientific community has a belief that this newly developed technology will be helpful in computing arena and will also contribute in the data revolution.

The introduction of this advanced technology has made the path easier for smartwatches which suffer from loss of energy, also OLED TV’s will have an improvement in the brightness. Still, a long way has to be covered before this new type of screen reach the masses as it is at the rudimentary stage and will require numerous amendments before it is put into use.


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