Russian patent shows strange idea of flying drone with built in AK-47

Drone AK-47 Russian Patent
Drone with built in AK-47 (Credit: ALMAZ-ANTEY)

The Russian Federal Service has just emerged with a new patent of a flying drone which can be thought of as an assault rifle with wings. Though the drone is designed around a classic Kalashnikov’s AK-47, which has a timeless design and substantial recognition in warfare, the only thing missing was it to fly.

This patent was originally presented by the Russian state-owned company, Almaz Antey which is an air and defense corporation involved in the business of making arms and ammunition. The patent emerged by Almaz Antey displays a spectacle and shows images of a minimalist drone that is formed around the Kalashnikov-styled rifle.

There is no specific pattern to how the aircraft looks, but with fairly evident propellers on either side, which may support propulsion, it seems to have a large control surface which is built into vertically rear stabilizers and towards the gun’s barrel which lies at the front of the aircraft. It has a protruding and jutting barrel system in the front. The Rifle seems to be built into the fuselage between two glider-like wings on either side facing the propellers. The aircraft-gun shows no signs of a streamlined body or aerodynamically pleasing appearance.

Drone with AK-47 labelled image
This gun drone was designed by a Russian defence contractor (Source:

With no active propellers and stabilizers, the unmanned aircraft surely seems to pose an evident threat to the world of warfare. An assault rifle usually works against a group of people or targets that remain unarmored. It becomes hard to imagine a scenario which would require Russia to need small flying assault rifle aircraft to shoot people mid-air. The wedged frame of the iconic AK-47 has no obvious way of propelling itself. The patent seems to propagate the idea that the rifle can fire more than 30 rounds at a time, but unless it has a hidden capacity to change the magazines in-flight, each drone gun would not be able to fire accurately more than 30 rounds. There also seems no way to keep a track of targets during shooting. It is definitely a worrisome concept that has been unleashed onto the world. The gun’s recoil during shooting would also likely cause the light aircraft to spin wildly out of control as the plane is not in control of a pilot and could pose danger.

It is unclear to the audience that how effective the assault rifle would perform in a combat situation during an actual war. With the presence of serious design flaws, questions remain unanswered whether the drone would fly back when it runs out of magazines or keep track of targets? Defense contractors for arms and ammunitions routinely file patents for a variety of innovations and don’t always follow through with them, so it’s unclear if we’ll ever see this strange assault rifle actually flying around. We can only wait for the patent to be accepted or for the company to pursue its idea in the future if it wants to, but the point is, this idea should not be unleashed as it poses a large threat to the civilians.

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