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What if the dimension of time was no different from the three dimensions of space we live in? What if you could travel to the past and to the futureā€¦. the same way you can move right or left, up or down? Would you be able to change your past? And if you did, would it create a time paradox? What kind of time machine would you need to build, anyway?
Want to read more about time travel and understand the physics behind time travel, want to know about the paradoxes and problems behind time travel, Read the below blog to get a good understanding

Is Time Travel Possible? Physics Behind Time Travel | ScienceHook

We all travel in time, don’t we? From the last year, we’ve moved up one year. Another way to say this is that we all are travelling forward at the same speed. But our topic at hand is, can we travel faster or slower? Or can we travel backwards or forward in time?



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