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Wormholes can be visualized as portals that can allow entities to travel through space and time. The bridges that link two separate points in space-time are referred to as Einstein-Rosen bridges. Black holes, white holes and wormholes are solutions to Einsteins’ Field Equation. A wormhole is said to be connecting two points in space-time. You might have seen these wormholes in science fiction movies like Interstellar, but did you ever bother to know about the wormholes and the possibility of their existence?
There are many questions around the wormholes, Do they exist really? if they exist can we travel through them? Can we travel in time through a wormhole? Can we artificially create a wormhole? What is the exotic matter? What keeps the wormholes open in space? What is the size of wormholes? I hope that the above video will clear all these questions raising in your mind. Below is our detailed article on wormholes for those who want to know more about wormholes

What is a Wormhole? – ScienceHook

Wormholes have served as fodder for numerous science fiction stories and movies for quite some time now. There have been several theories that try to explain how wormholes work and several more on how time travel could be made possible through these wormholes.



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