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Welcome to, the N°1 store for decorating your home with unusual and fascinating science-themed objects. Find the ideal scientific object for a unique and unusual style that will make your home a more interesting place. When science transforms your decor into a real work of art. If you're looking for an original and unusual scientific gift idea, you've come to the right place too!

Galaxy Projector

Embark on a cosmic journey with our “Galaxy Projector” collection. Transform any space into a celestial experience, where stars and galaxies come to life. Ideal for dreamers and stargazers seeking a touch of the universe in their own home.

Lava Lamp

Experience the mesmerizing flow of our “Lava Lamp” collection. Each lamp is a fusion of color and motion, creating a relaxing and hypnotic ambiance. Perfect for those seeking a groovy and soothing touch in their space.

More Scientific Lamps & Lights

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We handpick each product to ensure it brings a blend of fun, education, and innovation into your life. Our collection is designed to inspire and intrigue minds of all ages.

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Science Toys for Kids

Ignite curiosity and fun with our “Science Toys for Kids” collection! Each toy is a gateway to discovery, blending learning with play. Ideal for young explorers eager to unravel the wonders of science.

Newton's Cradle

Discover the harmony of science and art in our "Newton's Cradle" collection. Inspired by the iconic pendulum, each piece celebrates the beauty of motion and balance. Perfect for those who appreciate a fusion of physics and artistry.


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