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Black Holes Explained

Black Holes Explained

A lot of interesting things happen around and inside Black holes, which is what makes them so fascinating – Andrew Hamilton Black Holes: Discovery, Facts and Theories A Black hole has always been a thing of immense wonder. Even the most fervent scientists have been unable to fully understand a black hole. A part of […]

White Holes

White Holes- xplained

Black holes! I’m sure most of us would get excited once we think about these. These are one of the most compelling mysteries in the Universe. We would get chills as we see in movies about black holes. Anything including the light cannot escape it. Heard of a White hole? Well, just like the color black […]

Comparing Black holes, white holes and wormholes

Comparing Black holes, white holes & worm holes

Black Hole, White hole, Wormhole. Ew!! Seems like all these space terms are making us puzzled. So I’m back guys with an interesting topic today. Yes, it is about the difference between Black Hole, Wormhole and White Hole. So wasting no time, let us dive in to find out what these are and why they […]

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